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40 Creative Names For Your Penis

All guys have a name for their little buddy. But every now and then it’s good to give him a hair cut at call him something new for a while. Here are 40 creative aliases we came up with you can don on your dong. Just try them out and see which one fits your little weasels persona the best.

1. The One-Eyed Wonder Weasel

2. Richard and the Twins

3. Spanky

4. Johnson & Johnson

5. The Blue Veined Aristocrat

6. Mr. Missile

7. Baby Baster

8. Long John

9. Trouser Trout

10. Muffin Massager

11. Pumping Pole of Penile Power

12. Telescope Of Love

13. Mr. Happy

14. Lap Lizard

15. Friction Whistle

16. Purple-Helmeted Warrior

17. Pleasure Pole

18. Mr. Wiggley

19. Dip Stick

20. The Big Dipper

21. The Pink Oboe

22. Russel The The Love Muscle

23. Tony Testosteronie

24. Thrill Drill

25. Sex Pistol

26. Stick Shift

27. Pocket Rocket

28. Atomic Turtle

29. Mr. Bojangles

30. Man’s Best Friend

31. Weiner

32. Ting Ting

33. Long Dong Silver

34. Count Schlongula

35. Mister E. Meat

36. Boney Macaroni

37. Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger

38. Dirk Diggler

39. The Skin Flute

40. Walter

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