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9 Most Unusual Fetishes Ever

fetish-manequenThere are two types of people in this world when it comes to having a fetish. There are those who like to use a feather, and there are those who want to use the whole chicken. The 9 unusual fetishes on this list are usually reserved for the people in the second group. Fortunately none of mine made it on the list. That means I’m normal. Right?


A sexual attraction to amputees. Some psychologists hypothesize that acrotomophiliac men suffer from castration anxiety, thus viewing a female amputee as a castrated male, and perhaps harboring some sadistic impulses toward women.


This is the fetish for statues or mannequins. Some people have an uncontrollable desire to masterbate whenever they see a nude mannequin.


Describes people who are aroused by the idea of losing a limb, surgically or otherwise. While this fetish is usually limited to fantasy, some apotemnophiliacs have injured themselves to such an extent as to require amputation by a surgeon.


The practice of eating your own flesh for sexual kicks. One man, who became obsessed with the urge to bite off and eat women’s skin, carried a pair of scissors for years in the hope of carrying out such a deed. While never successful, after certain close encounters, he would instead cut off and eat a piece of his own skin, which would result in immediate orgasm.


People with this condition prefer trees to humans as sex partners, with some men using holes in the bark as vaginal substitutes. It’s believed by some psychiatrists that these men fear their own homosexual impulses and deal with the fear by finding a vagina in a phallic object. This brings a whole new meaning to the word “woodpecker.”


A fetish for throwing up and being thrown up on – an action also known as a Roman shower (if anyone knew how to have a good time, it was the Romans). Some shrinks have said that this preference may start back in infancy, when throwing up often led to receiving a lot of love and attention.


An apparently rare fetish wherein people are sexually aroused by lickng a partner’s eyeball. In fact, there’s one reported case of a female who was unable to have an orgasm unless she licked the eyeball of her obliging lover. A word of caution before you try this at home: oral herpes can be transferred to the eye.


The tendency to get turned on by the idea of being buried alive. While this may seem too odd to comprehend, some psychiatrists have speculated that burial suggests a warm, safe, earthen womb for the person who may have been deprived of parental affection in childhood.


Obviously, a desire for sex with animals. It’s felt that zoophiliac men prefer the “no strings attached” relationship of a sheep to that of an emotional woman.


  1. jest bow

    December 18, 2012 at 4:30 am

    ZOOPHILIA sheep>>>>>.
    so shagging 2 cloned sheep,,,is that like having 2 twin sisters ?

  2. Mr. Thatguy

    November 8, 2009 at 2:29 am


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