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CT Celebrity Interview: Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung has come a long way since her stint on MTV’s Real World. We caught up with her to find out what it was like to be a sorority girl again and how the best way to get rid of a dead body involves gators.

picture-23CT: How this version of Sorority Row is different from the original.

JC: Well the original was a little silly and the visual effects were really lacking at the time it was released back in ’83. Not only is our version more modernized, it’s really funny and very sexy.

CT: So tell me a little bit about your character.

JC: Claire is the sidekick to the queen bitch of the sorority. She’s always been the sidekick and never really had to do any thinking for herself. But when things start to go awfully wrong she kind
of has a change of heart.

CT: You were in Kappa Kappa Gamma. How did it feel to be a sorority girl again?

JC: It was great. Most of the other girls didn’t go to college so they didn’t have the college experience or the sorority experience to pull from. I got to teach them about traditions and other secret sorority stuff. It was a lot of fun giving all the girls inside tips like how sorority girls don’t clap; they snap their fingers.

CT: Did you guys ever get to hang out after shooting?

JC: Oh absolutely. It was like we were in a real sorority together. We didn’t stop hanging out once the camera stopped rolling. We’d have slumber parties at each others’ hotel rooms and watch movies. We’d make popcorn, gossip or go out dancing together. We just hung out and it was fun. It was like our hotel was a sorority house.

CT: In the movie you get rid of a body by throwing it down a mineshaft. How would you get rid of a dead body?

JC: I would say the best way to get rid of a body would be to cut it up and feed it to alligators or something. You know I actually just heard the other day there’s now a healthy population of Great Whites in the San Francisco bay, so I guess you could feed it to sharks too.

CT: Is all the screaming in the movie natural ability or did you guys all get some coaching?

JC: We really didn’t have an official scream coach but Rumor Willis was really good. She helped all of us out.  I can say by far, she has the best scream.

picture-22CT: You’ve done a lot of television in addition to your movie roles. Which do you prefer?

JC: I love the fast pace of television but the 15 and 16 hour days can turn into six day work weeks. The nice thing with movies is you’re on a project for two to three months and when it’s done you can move on to another project. I feel like there’s much more variety in movies with the characters you can play than in TV. TV’s great if you can find a role you really love.

CT: What are some of the other projects you’re working on?

JC: I’m currently on set for The Grown Ups with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Selma Hayek and Steve Buscemi just to name a few. It’s been quite the experience working with all these amazing comedians.Soon I leave for Vancouver to start my fight training for the movie Sucker Punch. It’s an all-girl cast and is a combination of 300, Alice In Wonderland and Moulan Rouge. It’s going to be a really great movie.

CT: You’ve been in quite a few action movies. Can you actually kick some ass?

JC: I’m pretty confident in my stunt work but if I really had to get into a fight I would have to say maybe. I think I could hold my own.

Be sure to check out Jaime in Sorority Row. In theaters NOW!

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