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Hot Gear: Aerial 7 Headphones

When you absolutely positively must hear every single note of the track in a room full of screaming people, accept no substitutes. With names like Tank and Matador there’s no mistaking that these headphones from Aerial7’s new Street Series stable were made to kick more than just a little bit of ass.

The Tank:

aerial7_tank-graffitiThe name alone leaves no surprise that these headphones have the ability to rattle your gold fillings out of your skull. The super chunky ear pads ensure that every note of brain-rattling bass accompanied by crisp mids and highs make it to your eardrums.

The Tank comes in five different funky color combinations that would make George Clinton proud. Each set also comes with a thick, coiled cord for standard music players and turntables, as well as a straight cord with a microphone for use with your iPhone.

The Tank also features a super soft and pliable headband along with swivel ear cups with a spring return for easy single-sided monitoring. You can pick up a pair for $79.99 at

The Matador:

aerial7_matador-jokerThe Matador takes the same sound quality found in the Tank and puts it in a small, lightweight package. Sporting a lightweight frame and thin cable designed to reduce downward pull, these headphones were specifically designed with the everyday listener in mind. The Matador even has a super sleek in-line microphone in the cable and comes with adapters so you can use them with your iPhone and just about any other mobile media device.

Like the Tank, the Matador’s available color combinations would leave even the funkiest of the funky and the coolest of the cool in awe of their awesomeness. You can pick your own pair
of Matadors for $49.95 at

Be sure to check out the other cool gear from Aerial 7 at


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