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Hot Gear: H2O Audio


They say if you’re left alone with your thoughts long enough, you’ll go insane. This is probably the reason why, no matter where they’re from, all surfers sound like they were raised together in the same VW bus and all swimmers think Michael Phelps is a pretty smart guy.

These poor souls have been subjected to hours and hours of no one to listen to but themselves. Imagine how much different Matthew McConaughey would be if he could listen to some Jimmy Buffet while he waited for that big swell to come in or how Michael Phelps wouldn’t have to smoke the chiba if he could listen to a little Dave Matthews while he flip-turned on lap number 265.

Thankfully the crew at H2O Audio has decided to bring some sanity back to the world of water sports. Whether you need music to just chill while you become one with the ocean or get totally amped to have enough cahones to swim out to the breakers, H20’s new Amphibix waterproof armband and Surge bass- amplified, waterproof headphones make immersing yourself in water for hours a much more enjoyable experience.


The Amphibix armband’s LatchTight Closure provides a 100% watertight seal for your iPhone, iTouch, iPod and most any other type of mp3 player, and the ClearTouch Window gives you full access to all your device’s controls. Worried about leaks destroying your gadgets? The Amphibix armband comes with H20’s 100% waterproof risk-free replacement warranty. Basically, if it leaks and kills your iPod, H2O will pony up and buy you a new one.

The Amphibix armband is also outfitted with an adjustable strap to fit almost any arm size. The Amphibix SealTight connector is compatible with standard 3.5mm headphone plugs but is designed to work best with H2O’s Surge waterproof headphones.

surge-bass-amplified-waterproof-headphonesThe waterproof and ergonomically designed Surge headphones come with five sets of earplugs that ensure both a watertight seal and exceptional clarity and bass. The headphones also feature a MotionFlex strain-relief connector with a 3.5mm gold- plated plug that avoids corrosion caused by salt or chlorinated water.

And of course, with all high-quality headphones, they come with a handy little carrying case so they don’t get lost under your Honda’s seat along with the fries and spare change.

You can grab the Surge headphones for $59.99 and the Amphibix armband for $69.99 at If you ask me, it’s a small price to pay for not having to listen to those voices in your head anymore.

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1 Comment

  1. robb

    September 9, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    wow this is awesome !!
    just don’t let the waves take it away.

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