Hot Gear: Keep It Cool With The Chilly Twist Cup

picture-17Nothings worse than lounging around in a lukewarm pool in the middle of July with a red SOLO cup full of what used to be a frozen margarita less than 3 minutes ago. I take that back, the one thing worse than that is when you play beer pong with a bunch of amateurs who take 10 minutes to make their first cup resulting in you having to drink warm Natty Light.

These scenarios, along with many other keeping-your-drink-cold issues, could be avoided completely if everyone would just forgo the standard, non-insulated, red SOLO cup for a state of the art Chilly Twist Cup.

The first thing I noticed about these cups is that they aren’t designed like those lame-ass mugs you put in the freezer that thaw out faster than the drink they’re supposed to keep cold. Rather than have some type of fluid or gel that freezes around the entire cup that melts from the heat from your hand, the Chilly Twist has a detachable coolant base that stays as cold as 25 degrees for HOURS!  Plus you only have to keep the base in the freezer, so no more beer mugs crowding the tater tots.

The second thing I noticed was that the rim of these 16oz cups are the exact same diameter of the red SOLO cups normally used in beer pong. Couple that with the added stability from the heavy coolant base and you’ve got quite possibly the perfect beer pong cup. No more spills all over your Stiga ping pong table, no more broken glass from knocking over real glasses, and no more red cups filling up landfills.

The Chilly Twist comes in 7 different colors, and the top portion is dishwasher safe. (They recommend hand washing the base) You can pick up your own Chilly Twist at for $4.50, or you can buy a set of 6 for $19.95 and whole beer pong set of 20 for $59.99.


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  1. Cam
    March 8, 2010

    What a great and unique idea, great to see someone who cares for the environment and more important……colder, longer, beer in an identifiable cup no more drinking after my buddies ! Sign me up !

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