Hot Gear: Doables

sportsstuff-thumbAs someone who has grown up in Florida, I can say that I’ve pretty much seen and ridden just about every kind of device you could pull behind a boat and lounged on just about every kind of float you could imagine. The floats were usually pretty cheap and were meant to last no longer than a few months before they started coming apart. It was much of the same for the towables. They were usually made out of cheap nylon that would rip apart after a few months of playing king of the tubes at 30 mph across the lake every weekend.

Fortunately those hard times riddled with inadequate gear have come to an end thanks to the guys at For ’09 they’ve introduced a sick lineup of floats and towables. Actually, calling them floats and towables don’t do them justice. The floats are basically bulletproof islands and the towables, coined as “Doables” by Sports Stuff sport some revolutionary towing systems and are made up of heavy duty PVC material. They may be a little more pricey than your Wal-Mart brand Big Bertha tube but hey, A Corvette costs more than a Honda Accord for a reason.

Check out this gallery complete with full descriptions on each of Sports Stuff’s new products for ’09. You can also visit for ordering info and to check out their entire line of insane products. Honestly, if I had a couple grand to blow, I could spend it all at their site.

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