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How To Do A Body Shot: A Pictoral Guide

This is for all you high school seniors who are about to leave home for the first time and become college freshmen. Actually this is just for the girls because there is absolutely no chance in hell that any freshman guy will get to do a body shot unless it’s with his dorm room roommate on a dare. Freshmen girls on the other hand are required to do so. Girls, think of it as a right of passage. You’re no longer those “Senior” girls that all the underclassmen gawk over as you walk by in the hallway. Nope. You’re officially about to become “The new crop of freshmen prospects.” And do you know what I like about Freshmen girls? I keep gettin’ older, and they stay the same age.

But I digress. In order to be accepted as a bonafide hot freshman who will get invited to every single party on (and off) campus, you’ll need to know how to properly execute a body shot. It’s pretty simple once you learn the basics. Here they are:

Step 1: The Salt

It’s all about the salt. Literally. You really only have a few places to put the tequila and lime wedge, but the salt is the sinfully, sexually charged epicenter of the body shot. Depending on your daringness (and, of course, that of your shot partner), you could put the salt on her neck, her cleavage, around the rim of her belly button, or about 500 other sensual areas that will have you turning into Jim from American Pie before the liquor’s even been poured.

Step 2: The Tequila

Traditionally, the liquor goes in the indented part of the belly button. Traditionally. At CT, we defy tradition whenever possible. Instead of using her body as a shot glass, turn it into a cup holder by having her squeeze her cleavage together and placing a full shot glass in the middle. Like a fine glass of red wine and a juicy steak, this technique goes hand-in-hand with the salt being sprinkled around the girl’s neck.

Step 3: The Lime

Just as you’d finish a hot date with a kiss, no body shot can be complete without a lil’ mouth-to-mouth citrus sensuality. Place the lime wedge inbetween her lips and have her gently bite down to hold it in place. Of course, this always opens the door for a lime-less kiss after the fact. Or a slap in the face when she shuns your drunken attempt to score after sucking tequila out of her navel or cleavage…

Here are a few pictures to illustrate different variations of the body shot as done by past Freshmen girls.

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1 Comment

  1. Rufis Gilbert

    August 24, 2015 at 9:43 am

    I find this utterly appalling in the way it was written. Females are not objects and shouldn’t be treated as such. If you want to teach us how to do a body shot, so be it. Please don’t act as if females are there to objectify as your “meat”.

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